May 6, 2018

Best 3d Printer, Original Prusa I3 MK3


Created by Josef Prusa, the Original Prusa i3 MK3 is the successor to the MK2 and MK2S. It is one of the best 3D printers on the market, released in October 2017. The fact that you can get the MK3 for £ 699.00 tax incl. is almost too good to be true. Shipped from the Czech Republic, the MK3 is available in two packages. Similar to the MK2 available in kit form and in pre-assembled. Writing this Original Prusa i3 MK3 review has been an absolutely humongous task. MK3 might be the most impressive 3D printer on the market right now. Standing out as one of the easiest DIY kits to put together, the MK3 kit comes with a comprehensive build manual included. The build time takes about four to six hours, depening on your skill level and experience. Everything needed to asssemble the kit is included in the package. You won't need to buy any additional tools or parts to put it together. Prusa uses legit, branded and warrantied parts. This is where some of the additional cost comes from. I have always found Prusa chat support is the quickest and easiest way to get support. Emailing or contact form offers a 2-3 day wait. Instant support is always knowledgeable and helpful. In my experience that is.

This printer doesn’t look too different from the older MK2 or MK2S on the surface, or even different from many other i3 family printers.


“The most wanted feature was an improved frame rigidity,” Prusa explained. “We are now introducing the reworked Y axis from aluminium extrusion. It provides the same rigidity as some other printers, while providing the sleek look of our milled Dural frame. The frame is also optimized to add 10mm of Z height totaling at 210mm.”

The design is so popular because it’s open-source! Prusa has always published all the design files on Github under an open source license. Everything on this printer, starting from the metal frame, to the electronics and down to the firmware and also improved slicer. It’s got the familiar orange or black color scheme and the LCD interface mounted to the base of printer. But the similarities end there. Prusa control the hardware, firmware, and software, they will make it easier to print anything you like, because of those added ease of use features and their own easy to use software.

What is new with the MK3? There’s a lot to cover, but to summarise those new features:

  1. Filament sensor.
  2. Power Panic.
  3. RPM sensing fans and Noctua quieter cooling.
  4. Ambient thermistor and P.I.N.D.A 2 with thermistor.
  5. EINSY RAMBo motherboard.
  6. Trinamic2130 drivers with layer shift detection, faster and silent printing.
  7. New Y axis.
  8. Bondtech extruder.
  9. Magnetic MK52 Heatbed.
  10. Powder coated PEI spring steel print sheet.
  11. Ready for OctoPrint.
Optical filament encoder not only detects the presence of a filament, but also its movement. This means it detects when you run out of the filament, so you can pause the print and insert a new spool. The MK3 can also detect stuck filament and offer the user a cold pull to clean the nozzle and continue the print. Also detect a jammed nozzle, added convenience is the filament auto loading. When the new filament is inserted, printer detects it, offers a preheat and then finally loads it into the hotend. The power outage, detection system is also a nice upgrade. Did you ever accidentally tripped over your extension cord and lost a 10 or 20 Hours print? The printer can fully recover from a complete loss of power. Printer can fully recover from a complete loss of power without the use of batteries. A special sensor detects mains voltage and when it’s interrupted, it immediately shuts down the heatbed and extruder heating leaving enough power in capacitors to store the position and park the print head The printer has also upgraded the hotend cooling fan to a Noctua fan, which is a super-quiet 5V, 40mm fan, and it’s still one of the noisiest bits on the printer. The printer can now measure RPMs on both fans and notify a user about the problem.

Most importantly, MK3 comes with is brand new The EINSY RAMBo motherboard, says Prusa, “is the most advanced 3D printer board out there.” With Trinamic2130 with layer shift detection, faster and silent printing driver on board, power by 24V Power Supply. They are still manufactured by Ultimachine. In addition, it can accurately detect and fix shifted layers, which translates to more consistency and better prints every time. They can also detect lost steps. Faster print speed is also now possible at 200+mm/s. The Original Prusa i3 MK3 has a reworked Y axis for improved frame rigidity. And there’s an upgraded Bondtech drive gear extruder, which grips filament from both sides to increase the push force of the filament and making it more reliable especially for flexible filaments. But perhaps the biggest highlight of the MK3 is the new MK52 Magnetic bed with HeatBed, which holds swappabl alloy spring steel sheets powder coated with PEI surface. Prusa Research includes the smooth PEI sheet in the package, but you can also opt for the textured, powder-coated PEI. This is the absolute killer features of the MK3, When a print is done, take out the spring steel sheet, bend it a bit and the part just pops straight off.

Test Prints: The SD card comes preloaded with lots of models that have been pre-sliced by the team at Prusa Research, So it’s a case of taking your pick from what’s available.

So what have I made? First is a Josef Prusa’s pet dog. As second print NASA Robotic Mars Rover. And as third print Drink Coaster Set from, Thingiverse by austipedia

prusa pet dog
mars rover
drink coaster

Summing up our Original Prusa i3 MK3 review, using this 3D printer has been a joy and an education. It’s so easy to use, and easily get decent 3d prints on a reliable and consistent basis There are a great many 3D printers on the market which carry the Prusa i3 designation. This might be confusing to some because they’re not actually endorsed by Josef Prusa or built with his involvement. They’re simply adopting the blueprints as per the RepRap ethos If you want a solid, smart, open-source machine, yes. With all the updates, reliable machine that’s actually really enjoyable to use. The MK3 print quality its very good but I'm not to sure if it's better than the MK2S. If you’ve seen 3D models printed on MK2 or MK2S, then you know what to expect. It’s definitely right up there with the print quality of the Ultimaker 3. Both the MK2S and MK3 have a number of features that quite honestly no one else has fully duplicated yet. If you want something that is going to reduce the inherent hassle of 3d printing, look to the Prusa. The MK3 sells for currently £ 899.00 tax incl. as a kit £ 699.00 tax incl, so it’s a bit more expensive than the MK2 was at launch, but it’s also much more advance printer. I’m still using the MK2S a lot, I don’t think I’ve ever had an issue with them even after hours of hours of printing other than, of course, completely my fault. So if you’re ok with the MK2 /S being louder and not having the flex bed, then the MK2S is still a great workhorse to get. Whether you’ve bought an Original Prusa i3 MK3 in assembled or kit form, the bundled 3D printing handbook is a vital reference for your new 3D printer. It contains all the information you need regarding setup, calibration, printer materials and other FAQS.

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